Swimming freely the head of the floating strainer will sink about 15cm deep into the water and suck in the middle, mostly clean layer of water.
Mud and sand from the ground and flotsam from the surface area will not be able to reach the floating suction strainer.

Fire protection pond: The mud layer at the bottom of the pond will not be churned up in order to avoid continuous clogging of the suction head.
Because of its large suction strainer it is also possible to use the S50 on or between water plants.

Rivulets: Using this model will allow you to get water out of the smallest watercourses. On a gravelly ground only a few centimetres of  water
depth will be enough. Building time-expensive dams or digging holes will no longer be necessary.

Pumping out cellars: Big amounts of water can be handled quickly down to only a few centimetres.

The floating body is made of indestructible Polyethylen, the strainer of A2-stainless steel perforated plate.
Developed and produced in St. Pankraz, Austria

Floating strainer S50
weight: ~ 7kg   measurements: 570x380x200 mm
connection standard:  Storz A 110mm coupling
also available with any other coupling between 100mm and 125mm
price: 620.- incl. VAT

Floating strainer S20
weight: ~ 3kg   measurements: 410x260x190 mm
connection: Storz B 75mm, Storz C 52mm
price: 540.- Incl. VAT